Electric & electronic solution

Analysis system for
mobile data loggers with web interface

For testing and optimizing their utility vehicles, most O.E.M operates a fleet of vehicles equipped with measurement systems. Several hundred signals related to the vehicle’s operation are recorded over an entire shift: temperatures, pressures, rotation speeds, brake pedal operations, accelerations and shifting operations as well as a large number of controller parameters. Several gigabyte of raw data is collected per vehicle and shift and automatically transmitted to a central server.


Pre – configuration for measurement

The main software configures vehicle state variables from control units and measurement devices to vehicle data logger. The results can be stored in itself or sent to web server.

Individual analysis for measurement data

For the analysis of measurement data, we can offer configurable analysis tool which can be easily adapted to the specific requirements without any programming work.

Overview in the web portal

All information and data for the test drives can be found in the company intranet via a clearly arranged web dashboard independent of time, location, and platform and can be used for analyses.
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