Engine design

A lot of recent new engines have showed new variants and limits in every component and combustion type, which have motivated TENERGY to look into the relative merit of each engine.

The design philosophy of TENERGY is to develop well-researched and test-supported criteria to support the design decisions of future engine by investigating the key considerations of new engine design thoroughly and observing their trends carefully.

Experienced and highly motivated design engineers work on all types of design projects. And they are effectively supported by our experienced CAE, combustion system, mechanics and electronics teams. Furthermore TENERGY design details always take into account our clients manufacturing boundary conditions and facilities.

TENERGY mainly uses Pro-E or CATIA and carries out engine design based on 3D model. Theoretical and numerical analyses are also carried out for every optimization. We surely guarantee our design and development outputs after SOP

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TENERGY supports all CAE works required in every engine design stage.

In concept design stage, baseline simulations such as gas exchange calculation, numerical analysis of cranktrain and piston assembly including TV, 1-D cooling and lubrication analysis are carried out.

In detail design stage, structural and dynamic analysis of engine major components is carried out. In addition CFD of coolant and exhaust gas flow and NVH analysis of auxiliary parts are performed.

Highly specialized experts with many years of experience in the field of engine development are involved in all CAE works which simulate actual loading conditions as much as possible. Therefore they can offer the optimum solutions for all stages in development process.

TENERGY pays particular attention to CAE works in the scope of development process. CAE works support the whole development process efficiently and enable clients to produce highly qualified engines while achieving shorter development time and lower cost.

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CAE SPECIALTY Co. - TenergySoft


The company TenergySoft is a family of TENERGY providing comprehensive CAE consulting services to a variety of customers all over the world.

Business areas




Shipbuilding & offshore

Aerospace etc.

CAE analysis of powertrain

  • Intake & exhaust flow
  • Structural & thermal
  • Noise & vibration
    - Normal mode & FRF of PT
    - Whine & rattle Noise of TM

CAE analysis of vehicle

  • Suspension K&C
  • Full vehicle R&H
  • Autonomous driving validation
  • Virtual test validation
  • Crash of bumper & hood

CAE analysis of shipbuilding

  • Structural & strength
  • Durability of ship
  • Performance estimation
  • Energy saving device
  • Propeller design

CAE analysis of others

  • Landing gear drop
  • Composite material
  • Railway derailment
  • Fluid-structure Interaction(FSI)
  • Heavy equipment
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Transmission development

  • Compact layout design of manual transmission and DCT
  • Multi-speed gearbox for electric vehicles
  • Cost-effective design of transfer case for 4WD
  • Development of compact AMT which has no torque interruptio

Transmission calibration

  • Optimal results for dynamics, performance and fuel consumption

Prototype development, testing and validation

  • Rapid prototyping by 3D printing
  • Mechanical and functional rig tests
  • Transmission dynamometer for transaxle tests with engine

Transmission development process

We meet the requirements on the functionality and efficiency using an effective and start-to-finish process.
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